Should You See Britney’s Vegas Show?

I saw her Friday night and she was great – very entertaining and a nicely run Show.

I will blog later about my experience.



Yes, if:

1. You sometimes get a Britney Spears song stuck in your head and it actually makes your day better.
2. You’re willing to spend hundreds of dollars (or get someone to spend hundreds of dollars for you) to see your childhood/teenage idol dance to all her biggest hits.
3. You’re thrilled at the prospect of seeing other celebrities in the audience, such as J.Lo (yes, this actually happened to me):

The chick behind her is SO CASUAL HOW The chick behind her is SO CASUAL HOW

4. You know all the words to “Perfume.”
5. You want to see Britney Spears swinging from a giant tree/prancing through a ring of fire.
6. You relish the thought of seeing your Twitter/Instagram post projected next to the stage where the Princess of Pop is going to perform:


7. Being in proximity to Britney Spears makes you uncontrollably flail/shriek with excitement.
8. You want to wear your…

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going solo

A good pre-log of what to expect in March. We will then compare notes of what actually happened.

revenge of the geekster

Well, in a fit of crazy go-getted-ness, I just booked my very first solo vacation.

As an aside, can I just say it felt awesome to call the VIP hotline to make my reservations? Never mind that it’s probably just their name for all the regular losers, it made me feel totally important.

To continue:

I’m heading to Vegas in March.

By myself, in case I forgot to mention.

Now, as you know I’m no stranger to traveling by myself; I make many many trips a year all by my lonesome.

The difference is on those, it’s for work, and when I get there, I know people. There’s people to talk to, to go places with, to be “one of a group” with, instead of “one by oneself”.

This time, it will be just me. Oh and the lady who gives me a massage. And the guy handing out towels…

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Need An Excuse To Go To Vegas?? Invent A Convention!!

Funny Blog and some may be able to pull it off

Pay Me Vegas!!!!

My next trip to Vegas will be boys only.  My wife is my main Vegas partner, and my son has been there twice even though he just turned 2.  I just feel the need to Vegas it up with the boys this time, and have some drinks, but not change diapers.  I’m celebrating a milestone birthday, and for me, that was enough of an excuse to do it.

If I want my boys to go, it’s another story.  We got to an age where we didn’t have to ask our parents for permission to do things.  That passed by in a flash, and now we’re back to asking for permission again, but from our spouses this time.  Based on what’s going on with the children, the money, the vacation time, the money, it’s not too easy to get everyone on the same page at the same time to pull off…

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Vegas Knockout: The Encore Wynns in Overtime

It’s a Draw or is it a tie? Or Undefined?


(3) Encore vs (2) Wynn

The Encore vs the Wynn is analogous to 1 divided by zero, the answer is undefined. It’s really a matter of personal preference. They are essentially the same hotel with the Encore, as the name implies, the newer version of the Wynn.

1. The Room

  • Wynn: The standard room at the Wynn looks like any ordinary hotel room. For the steep price, I was expecting a little more flare.
  • Encore: I stayed at a suite at the Encore and much like the Wynn, it was pretty ordinary.

       Result: Draw

2. The Location

  • Both the Encore and the Wynn are located at the end of the strip but still within walking distance to the Fashion Show Mall. Since the Wynn is right across the street from the Palazzo and Venetian, the nod for better location goes to it.

       Result: Wynn 

3. The…

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A to Z Las Vegas – Will give you inside look to the exciting world of Las Vegas VIP Events

A toZ Events' Blog

Frank Marino, a Las Vegas fixture for the past 30 years, achieved major star status impersonating the late, great Joan Rivers. Marino, who has been dubbed “ the most beautiful female impersonator in the world,” was a longtime friend of Joan, and in a recent interview described her as the hardest-working person in show business and that her work ethic could not be matched. When I  came to Las Vegas, Frank was one of first entertainers to welcome me and helped me get started here. He can currently be seen at the Linq (formerly the Quad), where he has been starring in “Divas.”

Wonderful writer/producer/directer Troy Heard is opening his new show at Ron Decar’s  Event Center.  Joni & Gina’s Wedding Show can be seen on Oct. 2nd, 16th and 30th. This hilarious show is about the wedding of two gay girls and the reactions of their respective families. Troy…

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VIP Concierge

An Internship with Fortune 421

This week I will be focusing all of my energy on finalizing and uploading all of the media for the VIP Concierge section of the website. Through this section we will be able to host  and book VIP services for multiple venues throughout the San Diego, Los Angeles and Las Vegas areas. With a detailed site and photos of each venue we are able to show customers the environment of their choice. Take a look at the pictures I have edited and prepared for one of the local club’s profile.

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Vegas Knockout: That’s Palazzo, That’s Palazzo


In Napoli where love is king
When boy meets girl
Here’s what they sing

When the moon hits your eye
Like a big pizza pie, that’s amore
When the world seems to shine
Like you’ve had too much wine, that’s amore

That’s Palazzo, that’s Palazzo.

Ah Palazzo, the Vegas hotel that knows what I want in Vegas, i.e., to feel that I am not in Vegas. The trend, as you have seen from the inception of my Knockout Bracket is to find a hotel that tricks you into believing that you are in the middle of the action while being far away from the grime.

Enter the Palazzo, the second coming of its sister resort, the Venetian. The Palazzo is like a fine Chianti, rich yet unassuming, bold but unpredictable.

Let’s examine the best reason to stay at the Palazzo besides my appreciation for fine Italian wines- sports gambling! The…

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